Undaunted By U.S. Travel Warning, Celestyal Returns to Cuba 20OCT

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

Celestyal Cruises will return to Cuba on 20OCT, for its 5th year of winter circumnavigations featuring the Celestyal Crystal.

The line says that recent incidents exclusively involving U.S. and Canadian diplomats, as reported in media, are entirely unrelated to tourism and currently under investigation by the governments of Cuba, the U.S. and Canada. 

The visa-issuing process for all of passengers remains unchanged, and Celestyal says that it continues to offer a People-to-People itinerary that meets current U.S. legal requirements for a full-time program of educational and cultural exchange activities on-board and ashore. For Canadians and others who can travel to Cuba without restrictions, Celestyal offers interesting ports and shore excursions giving cruisers an authentic taste of the island.

Despite the fact that parts of Cuba were hit by Hurricane Irma, Celestyal says the country is quickly returning to normal and there was no damage to any port facility. In fact, the line says that none of the tourist sites that are part of Crytal’s itinerary have been affected.

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