High Grades For PortMiami’s Terminal F

Cruise Week

When CruiseWeek’s Art Sbarsky reviewed MSC Seaside last month, he was not yet able to see PortMiami's Terminal F in full operation with regular paying passengers. He went back this month to see how it's working.

Sbarsky says the newly redone Terminal F at PortMiami, the year-round home for MSC Seaside on Saturdays and MSC Divina on Sundays, is exceptionally efficient and quite appealing architecturally. There are some limitations due to the size and shape of the available area, but MSC, in conjunction with the port, has done a terrific job.

Among the positives, Sbarsky cites an unusually high number of security scanning machines when guests first enter the terminal -- nine. He says limited security scanners have always created a bad bottleneck and get the cruise experience off to a bad start. Here, guests got through quite quickly.

Sbarsky also liked the check-in area on the second floor, which features 60 new ticket count positions. “For the period I watched during peak check-in, it was never overcrowded, and guests got through exceptionally fast. It reminded me of the huge check-in terminal that Royal Caribbean built at Port Everglades.”

For agents with MSC Yacht Club clients, he says the private check-in and waiting area means they are now treated as high-level VIPs shoreside now as well as on board.

Sbarsky says the only disembarkation delays were at immigration. “But it was entirely due to the limited number of customs stations/personnel, which is par for the course.”

In sum, he sees the new terminal as a big success. “All in all, the new terminal works extremely well. It's a great symbol of MSC's commitment to growing within the highly competitive South Florida cruise market.”

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