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Dining on the Edge

Top producers report that bookings for Celebrity Edge are nothing short of exceptional. Expect that to continue: the culinary reveal on 28FEB in New York not only featured the news that Edge will offer four diverse main dining restaurants versus the traditional one or two, but a lot of unique-sounding specialty restaurants that should spark onboard spend considerably.

Celebrity President/CEO Lisa Lutoff-Perlo told Cruise Week that significant thought was placed into transforming the complimentary main room dining into four restaurants: Normandie, Cyprus, Cosmopolitan, and Tuscan.

“We have done a lot of work around this because of what others in the industry have done [with nontraditional main dining], not just Royal with Dynamic Dining, but also Disney with rotational dining, Norwegian with Freestyle. We thought long and hard about what Celebrity Edge dining would be.”

Included in the thought process was that Celebrity’s cruises average 9.5 nights in length. “We’re not a short cruise market,” she says. “Our guests run the gambit from very traditional to very non-traditional.

“So we decided to decouple, if you will, the main dining room. What we’ve done is offer our traditionalists the opportunity to just pick main and second seatings, just like they always do. That’s the only decision they have to make, and we will assign the dining room. That way they get the same dining room, the same waiter, and they get to eat dinner at the same time every night.”

Lutoff-Perlo says it won’t matter which dining room they’re in because 75% of the items on the menu are the same in each restaurant. “What will be different in each restaurant is we will have what we call “featured items” on the menu and those items will be part of what the inspiration for the dining room was.”

If dining in Normandie, for example, your clients will have a choice of three appetizers, three entrees and two desserts that are French-inspired. The rest of the menu is the same as in all four main restaurants. There is no Murano on Celebrity Edge. However, Murano-inspired dishes will be found in Normandie.

It’s the same concept with the others. “So if you’re in Tuscan, 75% of the menu is going to be the same as it is in Normandie, you’re just going to have some Italian features,” she reports. “If you’re in Cyprus, you’ll have some Mediterranean-features."

Cruisers on Celebrity Edge will be able to choose between set dining and the flexible Celebrity Select program. The big difference on Edge, however, will be that cruisers who select set dining do not have to stick to just one of the four main restaurants. Instead, they will be able to change their restaurant nightly if they desire.

Lutoff-Perlo emphasizes there is continuity with the main dining experience found across the fleet. “We’re just doing it in four beautifully designed, intimate restaurants versus the larger two-level dining rooms that we have on the rest of our fleet.”

In short, Celebrity has learned from Royal Caribbean’s Dynamic Dining experiences to have a more manageable menu diversity with Celebrity Edge, while still providing greater variety than would have been the case if it stayed with a single dining room.

Celebrity Edge will also feature seven specialty restaurants, including Fine Cut Steakhouse, the ship's fine dining venue, and more French cuisine at Le Grand Bistro. Raw on Five will be a raw bar with oysters, crab and lobster, as well as casual offerings like shrimp salad, Celebrity's signature lobster roll and sushi and sashimi. Four complimentary alternative dining options will also be available, for a total of 15 dining locations.

And the innovative Magic Carpet that can move up and down the ship’s side will offer Dinner on the Edge, with locally sourced menus the result of an onboard chef going into port markets to pick up ingredients. 

As previously announced, Celebrity Edge will also feature Eden Restaurant and the Rooftop Garden Grill. And as on Celebrity’s other ships, there will be a Spa Cafe and Juice Bar. 

Here are 3 videos which provide an overview of the culinary offerings of Celebrity Edge:



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