Holland America Line Partners With ArtLink, Showcases Emerging Artists

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

A photograph by Ukrainian Oleg Oprisco.

Holland America Line has announced it is developing a unique art experience on board its ships and on shore during cruises. 

Developed in partnership with ArtLink, a leader in the international emerging art scene, the new program will deliver a unique art experience throughout the fleet where guests will have the opportunity to participate in a number of interactive art events; to delve deeper into the cultures they visit by being introduced to a region's unique art and craftwork; and to take home a genuine memento of their experience.

The program will be centred in an onboard gallery space exhibiting works by emerging artists curated from the destinations visited by the ships. During the launch period the galleries will feature works by emerging international artists. The general collection will gradually be replaced by changing exhibitions curated to reflect the regions of the world as the ships sail the globe. The works showcased in ArtLink galleries will be offered exclusively to HAL guests.

"As with many aspects of our onboard experience that have been elevated successfully over the past few years, we wanted to enhance the way art was presented on board and reflected throughout the cruises in a way that was meaningful to our guests," said HAL president Orlando Ashford. 

"Through our work with ArtLink on our new-builds, we connected with a mutual passion to create an innovative art experience that was more integrated with the places we visit. The right piece of art can be not only an incredible souvenir for our guests but also a prominent way for them to connect emotionally with their travels."

An ArtLink Art Concierge and Art Specialists will be onhand to provide guests with information and background on the works and the artists, as well as lead them through the acquisition process, and guests will be invited to view the pieces at cocktail parties, attend special talks, meet visiting artists and simply enjoy the galleries independently.

Future plans with the ArtLink partnership include an onboard residency program where guests will have the opportunity to attend live demonstrations and hands-on workshops with the visiting artists and curators, as well as the development of art-themed EXC Tours (shore excursions) that visit emerging artists in their galleries ashore.

The first group of international artists selected to be featured on board are:

  • Photographer Oleg Oprisco from Western Ukraine;
  • Copenhagen-based photographer Nikolaj Lund;
  • 3D art printer, photographer and painter Kate Blacklock, based in Rhode Island; 
  • Photographer Kevin Best, originally from New Zealand.
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