Silversea Boasts “Record Number” Of Early Bookings On 2020 World Cruise

Kerry Sharpe, Open Jaw

Since opening bookings last month for its World Cruise 2020, Silversea is reporting a marked increase in early bookings when compared to the launch of previous Silversea World Cruises in the last five years. 

Silver Whisper will be the first ship to visit all seven continents on this 140-day world cruise that will visit more than 62 ports in over 32 countries, including 40 new destinations from the 2018 and 2019 Silversea itineraries. What’s more, World Cruise 2020 will pass through both the Northern and Southern Fjords, and also include Antarctica.

With strong interest reported from both past clients and first-time cruisers, the top Owner’s Suites, worth US$480,000 per double-occupancy booking, sold out immediately, “further demonstrating a robust level of consumer confidence in the luxury cruise market,” according to a statement from the cruise line.

"With larger cruise lines significantly reducing their capacity on World Cruises, Silversea is increasingly becoming the prime choice for world cruisers looking for real, in-depth destination experiences,” said Mark Conroy, Silversea’s managing director for the Americas. “With rates starting at US$62,000 per guest, the record number of bookings for the 2020 World Cruise demonstrates a growing demand for once-in-a-lifetime, luxury travel experiences."

Kerry Sharpe

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