Seabourn's Unique Cuba Program

Cruise Week

When reading through the recent Seabourn announcement regarding its recently announced Cuba season in 2019, several unusual aspects stood out.

Seabourn has a strong reputation for the geographic extent of its itineraries, mostly international rather than routes in the United States or Caribbean. Thus, adding a two-month season of Cuba mixed with other Caribbean ports on Seabourn Sojourn is big news.

The itineraries are exceptional, and the features that stand out are the length, ports, and port order.

There are three 12-night cruises, one 11, and one 14. Three are roundtrip Miami, one goes from Miami to San Juan, and the longest one, from San Juan to Miami, includes both Christmas and New Year's. All five include calls in Havana and Santiago de Cuba, and four go to Cienfuegos.

The amount of time in Havana varies according to the cruise. They all stay a full day and then overnight. But one of the five leaves at 6 a.m., one stays until 11 p.m. the second day, while the other three stay until mid-afternoon on that second day.

Thus, the amount of time that can be devoted to Havana shore excursions, either organized or independent, will be affected.

If maximum time in Havana is a priority, the first cruise, departing 4NOV, is the best choice.

While the three ports listed above are the most well known in Cuba, Seabourn has added lesser known places to each of the five cruises. In terms of Cuba these include the little known Punta Frances on the Isla of Juventud and Antilla (Nipe Bay). Both should be of great interest, especially to those guests who have been to Cuba before.

All the itineraries zigzag between Cuba ports and non-Cuba ports. As to the smaller ports, Tim Littley, Seabourn's senior director of itinerary development tells Cruise Week, "In keeping with our small ship advantage, we worked to leverage the ability of Seabourn Sojourn to call at some of the smaller ports of call as well as the marquee ports such as Havana and Santiago de Cuba."

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