Who Loves Travel Agents Most? Carnival Execs Come To Blows

Open Jaw, Bruce Parkinson

It began as a video shoot in which three senior Carnival Corp. sales execs would express their love of travel agents. It ended in a brawl.

The video starts with Princess VP Sales John Chernesky acting very un-princessy by boasting that he loves agents more than his colleagues. 

That riles Holland America Line VP Sales Eva Jenner, who enters the shot to confront Chernesky, and claim she has the most love for agents. 

An incredulous Carnival VP Sales Adolfo Perez – yes, the man who had ‘I Love Travel Agents’ tattooed on his arm live on Facebook – isn’t taking that lying down, so he joins the argument, which is all captured on video. 

Words lead to some pushing and slaps, and then it’s on. Forget Lincoln Center -- HAL’s sales boss Jenner goes all Rolling Stone, nearly dropping Chernesky with a wicked right hook. He recovers in time to stun Perez with a tricky reverse jab that drops tattoo guy to his knees – the perfect position from which to take a bite out of Jenner’s calf. Well, you can watch the rest yourself – including a serious headbutt.

The video dropped across the brands’ trade social channels with the goal of determining which executive can generate the most new likes and followers.

It was all in jest of course, and no executives were harmed in the creation of the video.

You can check out the video (and pick your own winner) at any of the following:


Kerry Sharpe

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