U By Uniworld Cancels 2019 Sailings For The B, New Routes For 2020

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

U by Uniworld has announced the cancellation of 2019 Seine sailings for its river vessel The B.

Instead, The B will take some time off before moving to Central Europe for the 2020 season. 

U by Uniworld, the first river cruise line aimed at a young adult audience, cites increasing demand for the Central Europe region, where sister ship The A also resides. But it’s also clear that The B struggled to find enough passengers for its all-France Seine itineraries.

“Being the first means that we’re not only inventing an entirely new sector of the industry, but we’re quite literally in ‘unchartered waters,’” said Ellen Bettridge, President & CEO of Uniworld and U by Uniworld.

“As a brand, U by Uniworld will always stay true to its ethos as a sexy, fun, never-before-seen cruise experience, but we also want to remain open to consumer trends and feedback. That is how brands move from concepts to success stories.”  

Bettridge says young river cruisers want to visit more than one country on their trip.

“As we look forward, the demand is, overwhelmingly, pointing towards Central Europe, where guests can experience a new city – and sometimes a different country – each day, which simply isn’t feasible on the Seine. And for a generation that may be new to the concept, that’s really the essence and beauty of river cruising. Our first year was met with unprecedented buzz, media accolades and consumer engagement and we’re looking forward to continuing the momentum as we welcome The B to Central Europe for her second season.”

In 2020, The B will sail from Brussels to Amsterdam and Amsterdam to Frankfurt, while The A will sail from Nuremberg to Vienna and Vienna to Belgrade. Additional details for the new 2020 itineraries will be announced in the coming weeks.

In addition to U by Uniworld inclusions, such as mixology classes, silent discos, drum circles and sunrise rooftop yoga, guests will also enjoy onboard activities such as rooftop BBQs, karaoke nights, giant board games, themed parties and more. As an optional add-on, guests can camp on the rooftop, complete with a nightcap cocktail and breakfast picnic basket; experience a U Wine Talk; or purchase a romance package for a special occasion.  

Bruce Parkinson

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