Carnival Cruise Line Launches ‘100 GoCCL Trainings’ in 100 Cities

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

Carnival Cruise Line is launching “100 GoCCL Trainings” in 100 Cities in 2020 to teach more travel advisors throughout Canada, the United States, Puerto Rico and Barbados the benefits of using the GoCCL Navigator online tool. 

The educational program is intended to bring thousands of advisors up to speed on — Carnival’s online agent portal — which the line says is faster and easier to use than ever following a recent multimillion-dollar upgrade.

The in-person 100 GoCCL Trainings will be led by regional business development managers in local movie theatres and include opportunities for live interactive sessions with Carnival experts. 

Besides learning to maximize the various resources on, the trainings will feature real-life video of how travel advisors actually use GoCCL Navigator and how it’s helped their business. To keep it fun, events will have Carnival prizes and light snacks for attendees.

“One big takeaway from last year’s WUATA programs was that agent knowledge and expertise are the top reasons why consumers choose to use a travel advisor, and the 100 GoCCL Trainings are a quick and easy way to build that knowledge and positively impact your business,” said Adolfo Perez, Carnival’s senior vice president of global sales and trade marketing. 

“And the videos are a great chance to hear directly from agents how they use GoCCL Navigator to efficiently make and manage their bookings online.

“The bottom line is, 100 GoCCL Trainings represents a small investment in time for a big return in business,” Perez added.

The 100 GoCCL Trainings initiative is one element of the “100 Reasons Why Use a Travel Agent” theme in the ongoing WUATA Campaign that began in 2019 and educates consumers about the many advantages of using a travel advisor to book a vacation.

Agents looking to participate in a GoCCL Training can visit to find cities, dates and information about how to register.

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