Silver Shadow’s 10 Days In Limbo Comes To An End

Cruise Week

After 10 days of being stranded on the Silver Shadow off the coast of Recife, Brazil, 103 U.S. citizens have been flown to Dallas.

During his press conference last night, President Trump said, "Overnight we successfully brought home 103 American citizens after they had been stranded for 10 days in Brazil following a cruise. We want to thank the Brazilian government and their great president.

"Most of those returned were senior citizens. My administration in cooperation with Governor Abbott of Texas and the private sector coordinated their safe return to the United States."

The Los Angeles Times reports, "They were the last of 318 passengers to be evacuated from the Silver Shadow, quarantined since a Canadian couple tested positive for the coronavirus and was taken to a local hospital on 12MAR. Nearly 300 crew members remain on the ship."

All passengers onboard tested negative for the coronavirus.

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