Royal Caribbean: Agents No Longer Able To Assist Clients With Online Check-In

Cruise Week

Royal Caribbean has announced that the option for travel advisors to assist guests in completing their online check-in will no longer be supported. 

"While I do appreciate that some travel partners like to offer the additional service of filling out the online check-in for their clients, in today's world - we will need to be asking questions about health and with the HIPAA guidelines, we need to be communicating directly with the guest," explains RCI Senior VP Vicki Freed.

"Also, each guest will need to create their own password for online check-in. I suppose, if an agent wants to do this service for their clients and the client agrees to having the agent answer the questions on their behalf and provides a password, that is up to the client/agent to figure out."

Freed says there are many other ways that travel advisors can continue to add value for their clients, such as helping guide them with on board reservations, speciality dining options, pre-cruise planner purchases and shore excursions. 

"I do believe that the consumer will rely more on the travel advisor then ever before which is the silver lining in what we are all living through," she says. "Professional advice on travel options is the backbone of every successful travel advisor."

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