Perez Vows To Be Agents’ Advocate At Carnival Cruise Lines

Cruise Week
News last week that CCL had promoted Adolfo Perez to V.P. Trade Sales & Marketing is a clear indication the line is intent on solidifying its relationship with travel agents. Top Carnival Corp. executives have realized that part of the reason their brand was hit hard following the Triumph fiasco in 2013 was not only the negative media coverage but also loss of trade support in the months following. Perez is the latest example of an agent-friendly move.

Perez has a 33 yr. background with CCL, and top Carnival Corp. execs remain bullish on him. “We're excited for Adolfo to have this opportunity for the Carnival brand," Carnival Corp. CEO Arnold Donald told Cruise Week. “We are confident that he will resonate with the travel agent community."

“It's not to knock people who have been there before, but I think the agent community has responded in a fashion that shows Adolfo has a solid reputation. He is interested in the agents business being successful. So we're excited about it. It is an affirmation to the marketplace that travel agents are very important to us, and that's how most people are receiving it," stated Donald.

Perez understands what's necessary to be successful in the industry: “It's important that you have somebody who likes people and who wants to connect with people, because when you're dealing in business and when you're selling, it really is all about the relationships that you have. If you want to have people trust you and support you and believe you, you have to communicate with them, and you have to spend time with them."

Perez says that accessibility will be a top priority for him. “I want to be able to connect with the trade, to be able to meet them at our trade events, to see them at hosted events and on sales calls with their BDMs."

He says connections are more a passion than a learned skill. “It's not something you can learn. Either you are that way or you're not." His view is that there are specific things Carnival can do to strengthen agent relations. “By having been exposed to travel agents so long during my career I know how hard their job is. I also know how important they are to Carnival. Carnival would not be where it is today if it hadn't been for the support that we had from travel agents.

“So I'm very aware of that. These are not just buzz words. It is true; it is absolutely true. I can assure the trade that I will be their advocate here at Carnival."

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