River Cruise Pricing Faring Better Than Ocean

Cruise Week
Financial analysts are reporting that river cruise prices are holding strong despite substantial growth, faring better than ocean cruise pricing in Europe. Online financial media Hedgeye cited Viking River Cruises in particular for holding steady on pricing.

Hedgeye also cited rising prices for Carnival Cruise Lines in Q2 but deteriorating prices for Costa in Europe. But, in its June pricing survey this week, Hedgeye asked, “Is Carnival's brand resurgence in the Caribbean enough to counter softening prices in Europe?"

C. Patrick Scholes of SunTrust recently wrote: “Staying out of the media headlines is finally giving CCL some long-needed pricing power as are middle class employment increases and higher disposable incomes from lower gas prices in cruise lines' core demographic."

Hedgeye found reported that NCLH (Norwegian, Oceania, Regent) is coming out best in European pricing because the vast majority of that company's Europe business is U.S. sourced, unlike its main competitors.

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