Ritzenthaler Explains Motives For Celebrity’s Big Change

Cruise Week

In outlining Celebrity’s new “Go Big, Go Better, Go Best” permanent pricing program to a number of agent leaders, Dondra Ritzenthaler explained what the brand is looking for in key partnerships, and why the new pricing structure ties in so well with this priority.

Ritzenthaler, Celebrity’s Senior Vice President of Sales outlined how the new program focuses on more inclusive rates that should significantly increase agent yields for those who sell up. From the consumer standpoint, she said, the idea is giving passengers the ultimate in choice, regardless of itinerary or cabin category.

“Then when we start describing it, we would say, ‘Go Big is this, Go Better is this and Go Best is this,’ for almost all itineraries. This allows you to get away from ‘In Europe you get this, and in the Caribbean you get that.”

Ritzenthaler explains that there are 4 choices: beverage package; prepaid gratuities; unlimited Internet and $150 on board credit, with each of them individual choices.

”The reason that we want it to be the same 4 is to make it much easier to understand,” she says.

“So ‘Go Big’ would be that you get to choose 1 of those 4, with ‘Go Better’ you would choose 2 of those 4, and with ‘Go Best’ you have the all-inclusive product option, because you would get all 4.”

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