Michael Bayley On What He Wants To Achieve At RCI

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Michael Bayley

Royal Caribbean International President & CEO Michael Bayley recently shared his views on the present and future of RCI in a Q & A session with Cruise Week.

CW: What do you want your imprint to be at RCI?

Bayley: Evolving winning attributes, evolution and revolution. Those 3 ideas are applicable to how I view my leadership at Royal Caribbean International. I respect the tradition of our cruise line. I've been with the cruise line for a long time. I grew up in the cruise line. So I understand this cruise line, and I know what it stands for. And I know so many of our customers like who we are. So I need to protect that. Part of my role is to ensure things are how they should be.

Every single thing we offer in the marketplace needs to be better. We need to continually improve everything from our trade relationships to our marketing, to our digital presence to our product delivery and customer service.

The strategy that we've developed has many new ideas as it relates to this evolution. There's a whole series of initiatives we're undertaking that are evolutionary and will be announced in the coming months.

Then there's revolutionary. How do we bring the brand forward with new radical ideas and thoughts that have a relationship to tradition and evolution?

How do we really attract Millennials? This huge booming segment of people has a totally different way of interacting with the world. Who's going to crack that egg?

It's going to take some revolutionary thinking to get us into that space in the right way. And it's not going to come easily. It's going to take some innovation and some risk-taking to get there.

CW: How do you get the word out to Millennials and others about your Wi-Fi? Any line could say `We have the best Wi-Fi at sea.'

Bayley: That's coming. We have a strategy that we're developing to talk to Millennials and connectivity is core.

Everything we've done with Quantum class brings with it all of this technology that has been at times painful. We've put a huge amount of resources behind getting this up and running.

The fact that we have an exclusive contract with (satellite services provider) O3b that's ours for a few years to come means that we've got an advantage. We know we have to market the advantage, and market to Millennials. So that's coming.

O3b is spreading. It's on Allure and Oasis. It will be on Anthem and Harmony. All of this is now coming together with an overall strategy on the marketing to Millennials and the way that we're talking about it.

Editor's Note: O3b now has a consumer friendly name - Voom.

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