Stuart Says Escape “Is A Real Leap” For Norwegian

Cruise Week

It’s hard not to notice how the breezy air that Andy Stuart exudes with his presentations during agent webinars matches the experience that Norwegian is emphasizing as a brand. In the most recent webinar, donning a hard hat, Norwegian's President jauntily dished about Norwegian Escape, which at the time was in final construction stages.

“When I walked around the ship, all of the new elements really took me by surprise,” he told agents during the presentations. And this from the President of the line. One can imagine that agents will be even more surprised.

Stuart’s presentation is symbolic of how, at Norwegian, it’s all about having a vibe different from everybody else. Another example is the decision to name rapper Pitbull as godfather of the ship.

At one point it seemed that Pitbull would be more than the godfather - which in itself is a big 
difference from the traditional godmother - because Norwegian’s PR firm sent out a note saying the rapper “will officially bless the ship.” As it turns out there will be a traditional blessing with priest and rabbi.
“I’m glad you see that different vibe,” Stuart told Cruise Week. “Because that’s how we think about it. We do really feel that we can bring a different atmosphere, and we can bring a little bit more fun, a little bit more freedom, and that’s really our goal.”

There will be almost 2000 agents onboard Norwegian Escape in Miami next month, sampling the 1st of 4 Breakaway-Plus ships.

Stuart says people seeing the ship will notice the differences for themselves. “I had a note from Frank Del Rio [NCLH President & CEO] from the ship on Monday morning saying ‘Andy, the ship is fantastic,’” relates Stuart. “Frank has obviously seen it multiple times during construction but he’s seeing it for the 1st time completed and is now convinced we’re not getting enough price for it.
“That’s the reason it is tremendously important for agents to see this ship,” Stuart continues. “When someone like Frank who has seen it all at the luxury and upper premium end of the industry gets on the ship and has a ‘wow’ moment, I think it gives you a sense that this is a real leap for Norwegian."

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