’s Sinéad O’Connell To Christen Viking Tialfi Today

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Sinéad O’Connell, Director of Industry Relations for, adds a new title to her CV today – Godmother of new river cruiser Viking Tialfi.

O’Connell is in Amsterdam along with 5 other godmothers, as 6 new Viking ‘Longships’ will be christened simultaneously.

“River cruising remains one of the fastest-growing segments of travel, and Viking would not be in our position of leadership without an incredible amount of help from travel agents,” said Milton Hugh, S.V.P. of Finance & Control for Viking Cruises. “The naming of ships by ceremonial godmothers is a naval tradition that dates back thousands of years. The eminent women we have chosen to name our 2016 Viking Longships are partners who are experts in their field and have always recognized the value of destination-focused cruises. We are honoured to have their support and their participation in this year’s celebration.”

The other ships being christened today are Viking Egil, Viking Rolf, Viking Alruna, Viking Kadlin and Viking Vilhjalm.

“Being asked to be a godmother for any ship is such a tremendous honour, but to receive it due to Viking’s ongoing partnership with members is particularly gratifying. I am especially proud of sending my well wishes to the Viking Tialfi,” said O’Connell.

“With the dramatic growth of river cruising over the last 10 years and the eagerness of members to recommend it to their clients, it’s no surprise that Viking continues to expand. I am truly humbled to be a part of this prestigious christening ceremony.”

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