CLIA Joins World Ocean Council

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Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) has announced a partnership with the World Ocean Council (WOC), an international business leadership alliance dedicated to Corporate Ocean Responsibility.

CLIA says that while its members’ approximately 300 oceangoing cruise ships comprise less than 1% of the global merchant fleet’s 50,000 oceangoing ships, they are at the forefront of developing responsible environmental practices and innovative technologies that lead the world’s shipping sector. 

Many cruise lines not only meet, but exceed environmental regulatory requirements in a number of areas, the organization states.

“Protecting and caring for the environment is fundamental to the cruise industry,” says Bud Darr, CLIA S.V.P. for Technical & Regulatory Affairs. “We depend on healthy oceans, clean beaches and pristine destinations that meet passengers’ expectations today and in the future. CLIA is proud to become a member of the World Ocean Council. This international industry platform creates the opportunity for our cruise line members to collaborate with like-minded peers from other sectors in tackling the shared sustainability challenges affecting the future of the ocean and the future of our business.”

World Ocean Council Board Chair Neil Baird says the cruise industry is the fastest-growing ocean industry and tourism the largest economic sector globally by many measures, so CLIA’s partnership with WOC is an important step.

“We look forward to marine and coastal tourism and resort operators becoming involved in the WOC in order to bring their Corporate Ocean Responsibility leadership to the efforts of the collective ocean business community.” 

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