With Some Rivers High, Others Low, Cruise Lines Go With The Flow

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European river cruises are once again dealing with fluctuating water levels that are likely to affect their itineraries. Water levels are higher than normal on some rivers and lower on others. Both situations could necessitate itinerary changes.

Lines are reporting that water levels are a bit high on the Danube, Rhine and Rhone rivers, and a bit low on the Elbe.

Viking River Cruises has reported on its website that the Danube, Rhine and Rhone rivers are currently running high, which may result in delays, itinerary adjustments and alternate embarkation or disembarkation points.

The high levels on the Danube are occurring near Passau, Germany, while on the Rhine, high waters are concentrated around southern Germany, Viking reported.

Meanwhile, limited rainfall on the Elbe River has caused river levels to drop and disrupt sailings between Melnik in the Czech Republic and Bad Schandau in Germany, as well as the German stretch between Wittenberg and Magdeburg.

Avalon Waterways recently updated its Facebook page to alert pax that higher than average rainfalls this spring have raised levels on some rivers. Avalon warned that adjustments will be necessary, mostly affecting embarkation and disembarkation locations.

“On occasion, when waters have been too high to navigate, we’re making alternate arrangements, which may include transferring guests to hotels. When this occurs, we offer our travellers complimentary accommodations, excursion choices as well as compensation for missed sailing days,” Avalon stated on Facebook.

“Weather forecasts look favourable this week,” the company stated, adding that “we ask that our guests understand that water levels change hourly, so much can change daily. In the meantime, we’re just ‘going with the flow.’”

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