The Danish Prescription: Travel, Have Sex, Make Babies

Open Jaw

Danish travel agency Spies Travel has devoted its existence to championing sex among the Danish -- by getting them to take more vacations, which they claim boosts the chances of getting lucky by 102%. 

Denmark has a very low birth rate, which Spies Travel has worked to improve with its "Do It for Denmark" ad campaign that first launched in 2014. The company has just released the 3rd installment of advertising, under the banner "Do It Forever."

The new ad follows couples whose passion has been dampened by having children in the first place – and encourages them to have more.

The advert claims travel creates the right conditions for love-making, and offers several ‘facts’ to encourage passionate travel. For example, it claims sleep can improve women's sex drives, vitamin D from the sun increases male potency and that regular sex can lift life expectancy by eight years. 

"Do It Forever" is being billed as the last installment of the campaign. The travel agency concludes its advertising with this honest statement: "This way, we secure your health, as well as our future business."

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