A380 Makes ‘Sideways’ Landing In Windstorm At AMS

Open Jaw

Despite our long industry experience, we at Open Jaw still can’t figure out how an A380 – which can weigh up to 580 tonnes fully-loaded -- gets off the ground. We don’t even want to think about the skill involved in landing such a beast in a screaming crosswind.

Dramatic video footage shot at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport a couple of days ago shows an Emirates A380 apparently moving sideways as it lands in howling winds during Storm Angus.

That nasty weather event slammed into northern Europe earlier this week, driven by winds of well over 100 km/h that ripped off roofs and caused extensive flooding.

The captain of the Emirates A380 shown in the video used a sideways or “crab” landing technique, which, according to a report in the Daily Mail, lets an aircraft drift laterally as it approaches the runway to track the runway centreline. The pilot then brings to plane safely into land.

The A380 has a fully loaded weight of up to 580 tonnes.

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