Flaunting Wealth In Paris Might Not Be Une Bonne Idée

Open Jaw

They clearly haven’t been keeping up with the Kardashians.

Two sisters on holiday in Paris were robbed of jewellery and valuables worth over $7 million that they were carrying in their car, police have confirmed – and it’s not the first time thefts on that scale have occurred in the vicinity.

The sisters, from the oil-rich Gulf state of Qatar, were cruising along the A1 motorway from Le Bourget airport in their chauffeur-driven Bentley when they stopped at a service station.

Masked men ambushed the vehicle, pumping the car full of tear gas and extracting EUR 5 million worth of jewellery, luggage, and clothing.

It’s the latest of several recent high-profile robberies around Paris, with wealthy foreigners in luxury cars the targets.

Last month, a gang held up a taxi carrying the chief executive of a French furniture chain as he headed from Le Bourget to Paris. Valuables worth about EUR 100,000 were stolen. Earlier, three attackers lifted jewellery worth EUR 4 million from the car of a Korean art collector.

And lest we forget, American reality TV star (apparently that’s a profession now), Kim Kardashian was robbed last month of millions of dollars of jewellery when armed thieves staged a daring raid on her Paris hotel.

Ah, the trials and tribulations of the 0.1%.


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