Forget The Ostrich Pillow, The Travel Bra Is Here

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Just in time for the holiday season, the latest travel accessory has hit the market, and the good news is it is much less ridiculous than the Ostrich Pillow.

Described by a New Zealand reviewer as a “new -- and infinitely more stylish -- take on the bum bag,” the Travel Brahas built-in pockets and sleeves that can hold items like your passport, credit card, cash, jewellery and hotel keys. 

The wearable device was invented by Australian anthropologist Annie Holden, who has spent the past 20 years travelling to remote places for work.

She teamed up with Kiwi lingerie designer Brenda Barnett, and the Travel Bra was born.

There are 5 hidden pockets built into the bra. The 2 largest pockets dangle below the wearer’s chest, designed to hold a passport and cash. These can be tucked up under the band when not in use.

There are also 2 mini pockets for small items like jewellery, keys or a SIM card, and a credit card sleeve is located at the side of the bra.

As reviewer Siobhan Downes wrote for Stuff: “It was nice knowing if I got robbed, there were some emergency funds in the bra bank.”

Downes recently tested the Ultra-Light Travel Bra, made of quick-drying polyamide and spandex. She described it as being “like a thin sports bra -- extremely comfortable, with wide shoulder straps and no underwires or scratchy bits.”

Her 1st impressions? “It didn't exactly make me feel like a Victoria's Secret model, but it also didn't make me feel like I was being gored to death by my underwear. When travelling for 30 hours, I'll take the latter.”

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