Pax Applaud As Drunken Mom, Kids & Friends Booted Off BA

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Passengers applauded as a drunken mother – who was demanding more alcohol before the plane even took off – was escorted off a BA flight with her 2 young children and several equally drunken friends.

Six intoxicated adults travelling in the same party were carted off the plane, including the mother. The BA flight from TFS to LGW had already been delayed by 2 hours, and pax were in no mood to be kept waiting longer.

The mother, in her 20s, was sighted earlier drinking heavily in the airport bar, before getting into an argument at the gate about being a “benefits mum” (what we would call a welfare mother) a witness said.

Cabin crew on the BA A320 warned the woman she would not be served alcohol, but she raged that she had paid for her flight and was entitled to drink. Five other adults in her party apparently sided with her.

As is the case in these situations, the captain has the final call. He ordered the whole group off the flight, prompting a round of applause from frustrated pax. Some of those pax wondered why the woman and her companions had been allowed to board in the first place.

One tweeted: “Delayed due to drunk being removed from flight. Bigger question though, why crew let her on?”  Commenting on the incident, a BA spokesman told the London Sun: “Our customers and crew deserve to enjoy their flights, without any form of disruption. This sort of behaviour will not be tolerated, and the appropriate action will always be taken.”

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