Could Trump Museum Help Resurrect Atlantic City?

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A group of historians in Atlantic City hope to restore the troubled destination’s appeal by opening a museum dedicated to President-elect Donald Trump. 

Stockton University professor Bob Blaskiewicz told the Press of Atlantic City that the subject of Trump in Atlantic City will be of historical interest now that he has been elected President.

Trump has a checkered history in ACY. He once owned 3 casinos in the city which brought in a lot of money, but were involved in 4 bankruptcies under his watch and 1 more after he was gone.

Temple University doctoral student Levi Fox has started running a Trump-focused walking tour in Atlantic City. He says a museum could help bring tourists to the area.

Organizers of the museum idea are now seeking artifacts and stories from people who worked for Trump.

Jason Clampet, co-founder and editor-in-chief of travel publication Skift pulled no punches in his summary of an article on the Trump museum idea: “A city built on lies and corruption and with nothing left to lose looks to a man who swindled thousands of its residents and created 4 industry-killing bankruptcies — it’s so wrong it could be right.”

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