Iconic U.K. Hotel Faces Backlash After Kitten Killed In Kitchen

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An iconic U.K. hotel has been hit by a wave of bad publicity on social media following reports of animal cruelty.

The RSPCA is investigating reports a kitten was beaten to death by staff at The Royal Oak Hotel, Betwys-y-Coed, North Wales.

In a Facebook status, which has since been deleted, the hotel allegedly admitted staff killed the kitten but said it was “humanely euthanized.”

Hotel boss Glen Evans denied newspaper reports the kitten was shoved in a plastic bag then beaten with a rolling pin and smashed against the wall after it got trapped in the hotel kitchen, but refused to elaborate on how the animal was killed.

He told the Daily Post: "In hindsight of course I wish things were dealt with differently. But unless new information comes to light, the staff have not done anything unlawful."

The hotel's Facebook page was taken down after people complained about the incident however its separate restaurant page remained live and was flooded with one-star reviews.

An online petition calling for prosecutions against those involved has received 20,000 signatures. The petition says: "We demand the RSPCA prosecute those responsible. They must make an example of those responsible for this cruel and unnecessary act. This poor, defenceless, innocent, kitten was simply hungry. They could have handed the cat to the RSPCA or a local shelter. There was absolutely no need to commit this vile act."

The Royal Oak confirmed the RSPCA had visited the premises and said “staff involved understand why such an incident will upset people.”

Two members of staff have been fired over the incident and the RSPCA says the investigation is ongoing.

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