Man Leads Police On Bizarre Chase On SFO Tarmac

Open Jaw

A bizarre police pursuit took place at SFO, after a man believed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs- or both, made a mad dash onto the tarmac.

The incident began when the man was sitting in a seat in the terminal, acting erratically with a hat pulled over his eyes. Airline staff called security and the man took off running, hurdling over line dividers while security staff tried the same thing and fell.

The man then ran outside, though traffic and jumped from the upper level to the lower level – a 30’ drop. Somehow he came up running again.

It’s not clear how he made it onto the tarmac, but a bizarre chase took place there, as police and airport vehicles nearly crashed into each other in a desperate attempt to stop him.

The YouTube video of the tarmac portion of the incident is required viewing. His agility and athletic abilities were clearly not impaired by substance abuse.

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