Seahorses & Corpses: The Weirdest Things The TSA Found This Year

Open Jaw

As Top 10 lists go, the U.S. Transportation Security Administration's list of the most unusual items found at airport checkpoints is among the more entertaining - and occasionally disturbing. 

Cases in point:

  • There were 5 dead endangered seahorses found inside an oversized bottle of brandy at DTW
  • A replica suicide vest was spotted at RID
  • A trailer hitch cover shaped like a hand grenade showed up at SBP
  • A Hello Kitty-themed firearm was found at BDL
  • A gruesomely realistic movie prop corpse was spotted at ATL — and given the all-clear to travel.

All 10 items are featured in the quirky video in which TSA social media specialist Bob Burns offers what NBC reporter Harriet Baskas calls “a charmingly corny countdown.”

Burns comments on everything on the list except an object described as a "post-apocalyptic bullet adorned gas mask," for which he simply takes off his glasses and shakes his head.

There’s been a lot of head-shaking in 2016.

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