‘Pantless Calgarian’ Arrested After MCO Joyride

Open Jaw

How could you possibly ignore a story with the words ‘pantless Calgarian’ in the headline? Obviously, you couldn’t.

A YYC man was arrested in Orlando, after a sans-pantalon joyride across MCO’s airport tarmac.

According to the Orlando Police Department, Richard Hogh was kicked off a flight to Chicago just before Christmas after UA employees found him acting erratically. He hadn’t even started.

Hogh had seated himself in an unassigned first-class seat, police say. When he was asked to move, Hogh told employees he was a pilot and wanted to sit in the jump seat.

Hogh was removed from the plane, and police say he then got into a service elevator with an airport employee, and rode down to the ground floor.

Once off the elevator, police say, Hogh removed his pants, sat in the passenger seat of a luggage vehicle and told the operator he "had to catch a flight."

The driver, fearing for his safety, got off the vehicle — at which point Hogh drove onto a taxiway.

Airport crews followed the vehicle and Hogh was arrested at the airport's fire station.

Carolyn Fennell, a spokeswoman for the airport, told the Orlando Sentinel the incident caused a "ground hold" for planes in the immediate area but it didn't cause any flight delays.

Hogh was charged with trespassing and grand theft.

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