Drunks On A Plane Are Much Worse When They’re Pilots

Open Jaw

Substance abuse problems happen in any workplace, but it must be said, it’s pretty bloody scary when a pilot arrives at the airport intending to fly when drunk or drugged.

There were a couple of egregious examples over the holiday season, including one here in Canada that was deeply disturbing because the pilot didn’t appear to be just slightly tipsy from the night before, but flat-out hammered.

There was a 2nd incident in Indonesia, accompanied by video that will make any flyer shudder. How the security staff could have let him pass is beyond comprehension. But he made it to the cockpit and it was only after his slurred ramblings over the intercom caused pax to demand to be let off the flight that authorities intervened.

Two senior executives of the Indonesian low-cost carrier Citilink - a Garuda subsidiary - have resigned in the wake of that one.

Citilink assigned a new pilot to fly the A320, only about an hour behind schedule. But there were some among the 154 pax who decided to cancel. Possibly to change their pants.

Just over a year ago, 3 Citilink crew members, a pilot and 2 flight attendants, were arrested for allegedly consuming crystal methamphetamine, known locally as shabu-shabu, at a hotel. 

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