The Croc Snaps Back: 1st Stupid Selfie Of The Year

Open Jaw

An earlier croc selfie

A French tourist in Thailand recently snapped a selfie with a crocodile and the croc snapped back.

The woman suffered a serious bite wound on her leg after she was squatting for the photo next to a crocodile when she lost her balance. That unnerved the reptile which then bit her, an official at Khao Yai National Park said.

"She wanted to take a selfie with the crocodile that was lying down near a stream. It was startled and bit her on the leg," the park official told French news agency AFP.

The official further said 2 crocodiles have made their home there in that section of the park and warning signs are posted for visitors to take care.

Thai crocodiles are on the critically endangered list with just a few left in the wild. Stupid tourists, on the other hand, remain in ample supply.


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