U2 Settles Case Of FA Fired For Eating Bacon Sandwich

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Shannon Gleeson

UK low-cost carrier EasyJet sells 800,000 ‘bacon baguettes’ each year, at £4.50 per. But it only took one for 22-year-old flight attendant Shannon Gleeson to lose her job.

Gleeson had an exemplary record over 3 years working for the airline, but was dismissed for gross misconduct and theft for eating a bacon sandwich given to her by her manager.

A tribunal heard that Gleeson’s manager had given her the sandwich because she had a nut allergy and had not been able to find safe food to eat for the flight back from Amsterdam.

According to U2, Gleeson was fired because she didn't ask the manager if the food had been paid for. The cabin crew manager was also let go.

The panel heard Gleeson may have been wrongly dismissed because U2’s policy placed no obligation on the consumer to see a receipt if food was given to them.

Judge Michael Ord said: "You have actually got to show some loss for there to be a theft. I see no evidence that anything was paid for or not paid for."

U2 representative Paul Hinton told the hearing Shannon was an 'accomplice' in the theft.

"In my 12 years of flying it is very unusual for a crew member to receive an item of revenue (passenger food)," he said.

U2 said in a statement: "EasyJet has settled this matter with Ms Gleeson and so cannot comment in any further detail other than to say that we have clear and well-understood policies and the honesty of our employees is really important."

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