Hotel Guests Refusing Rooms With Trump View

Open Jaw

Open Jaw had one in Chicago last year. The view of the city’s wonderful skyline from our hotel room was dominated by a massive TRUMP sign on the side of the Trump International Hotel & Tower. Some people might like that. For us it was off-putting. It seems we weren’t alone.

NBC News reports that some hotel guests in a number of cities are requesting a room without a view – if that view includes a large, garish TRUMP sign.

Dana McMahan reports that Chris Skrapits, a teacher from Portland, Oregon, and his partner Adam Clayton, were dismayed when they saw the view from their room on the 28th floor of the Venetian in Las Vegas last fall. He and Clayton travelled there to get married right after the election.

"We woke up on 9NOV just gutted," he said. "We were planning to get married in July and decided, 'Let's get married this weekend. Let's be as married as we can be, as long as we can be, starting now.'" The couple opted to elope to Las Vegas.

"As soon as we opened up the drapes [we saw] the front of Trump's building and we're like 'Oh, no way,'" he said. "The letters across the top of the tower are just huge. It was a bitter irony that we were running away from him and he was right there."

Another couple told NBC that they kept the blinds closed in their room at Chicago’s luxurious LondonHouse hotel.

"I don't want to see that first thing when I wake up and last thing before I go to bed," the guest said.

Some hoteliers report that it’s not unusual to take reservations with a request for a non-Trump view. At the Club Quarters hotel on Chicago's Wacker Drive, an employee at the front desk even acknowledged that accommodating such requests happened "frequently."

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