Drunk & On The Microphone Inflight – This Won’t End Well

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“What does it take to get a f****** drink in this place?” a drunken passenger yelled over a plane’s public address system after grabbing the microphone.

It would actually take quite a bit to get a drink while the plane is in its final preparations for landing, which is exactly when Matthew Worrall grabbed the handset from a flight attendant on a Jet2 flight from Manchester to Tenerife and raucously demanded more booze.

Worrall’s antics continued until the flight captain handed control of the aircraft over to the first officer so he could go into the cabin and intervene, Britain’s Daily Mail reported.

Worrall, 28, apologised when he appeared at Manchester Crown Court, saying the whole incident had been a misunderstanding. Worrall said he hadn’t initially picked up the microphone, but that he did “insinuate that we should order some drinks over the phone.”

“I know if I would have put the phone back the matter would have been forgotten. I’d just like to apologize.”

The judge wasn’t buying it, sentencing Worrall to 7 months in prison, despite pleas from his defence counsel that prison would have a devastating effect on the defendant and his job.

Judge Martin Steiger QC declared that “this is a case where a deterrent sentence is called for.”

After drinking during the flight, Worrall had chosen a crucial moment – “at a time when that must have been obvious, and the seatbelt light was on – you got up and used the intercom system, disturbing those in the flight deck,” the judge said.

As his behaviour had been deliberate and intentional, Worrall’s action could not possibly be described as a moment of madness, the judge added. 

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