While Trump Takes Low Road, Expedia Aims High

Open Jaw

It has been a jarring few days for many people around the world as President Donald Trump painted a bleak picture of “American carnage” and introduced the Orwellian concept of “alternative facts.”

Amidst the angst – and the positivity of massive women’s marches around the globe -- Expedia launched a new TV ad Friday, timed to drop during CNN's coverage of the Trump inauguration.

The ad carries a very different message than the new president's 'America First' rhetoric.

The clip sees a woman travel the world learning about other cultures, helping refugees and fighting for causes she believes in. The message: travel broadens the mind and breaks down walls.

If you look over your neighbor's fence, and go see the world, the voiceover promises, "You'll narrowly influence narrow minds. You'll bridge continents, puncture prejudice ... and look back and see that you've made this world a better place."

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