Thai official Arrested For Art Theft At Kyoto Hotel

Open Jaw

Let’s go over this again. You can take the little soaps and shampoos. You can’t take the towels. And you certainly can’t take the art off the walls of your hotel and stuff them in your suitcase.

A senior official of Thailand's commerce ministry was arrested in Japan and is accused of attempting to steal three paintings from a Kyoto hotel.

Suphat Saquandeekul was arrested this week after the paintings were found in his bags as he checked out. A Kyoto police official said he admitted his guilt, but the CCTV camera footage was pretty compelling evidence already.

It showed the man taking the small paintings from their display in a hallway. They weren’t especially valuable paintings – maybe $200 for the lot – but they weren’t his.

And you’d think Suphat would understand that concept – as he is the deputy director general of the Department of Intellectual Property at Thailand’s commerce ministry!

He is still being detained by police but has not yet being officially charged.

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