Bricks Of Cocaine Found Up The Nose Of AA Bird

Open Jaw

Cocaine and noses are often found together. But it’s a little unusual when cocaine – and plenty of it -- is found in the nose of a plane.

But that’s what happened in Tulsa, when a worker doing maintenance on the nose of an AA plane discovered over 14 kg of the white stuff stashed away. The estimated value of the drug is over $500,000.

Tulsa County Sheriff's Office spokesman Justin Green says the plane arrived in MIA from BOG, on Sunday. It was flagged for maintenance but Miami staff were too busy so the plane was sent later that day to TUL, where AA has a maintenance base.

While working on the nose gear, an airline employee noticed what looked like a clump of insulation or a brick-like object and called the sheriff's office to inspect the suspicious find.

Authorities discovered seven bricks of cocaine. The bricks were covered in wheel grease that appeared to have been applied to the bricks to ward off drug dogs.

Green says the case has been turned over to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration in Miami. 

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