Woman Claims She Was Kicked Off Flight For Too Much Cleavage

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There’s a whole bunch of “she said, she said” talk after a female passenger was removed from a flight before takeoff, allegedly for wearing a low-cut top that revealed too much for a flight attendant’s taste.

The airline has a different story. It says the woman was evicted because she was drunk. But the woman herself, and some fellow passengers, say the action was taken because of how she was dressed.

Two passengers posted on Facebook after the incident, saying a flight attendant told the woman “her bosom was too exposed.”

Fellow passenger Catherine Supp called it an "injustice" that the woman was asked to leave the flight. "The way they were treating this woman," Supp said. "It was like, pick the weak one out of the crowd and pick on her."

"I can't help it, these are my breasts," Supp said the woman exclaimed, before asking if the airline had a blanket available.

A report on Local 10 News said another pax, who didn’t know the woman in question, was also kicked off the flight from MSY to FLL for speaking up in her defence.

An NK spokesman told the news outlet that although a flight attendant had suggested the woman cover up, that comment was just an aside.

The spokesman said the woman was intoxicated, and while she was leaving, the flight attendant who had ordered her off said, in passing, “By the way, you might want to cover up.” No matter what happened, that comment was uncalled for and unhelpful.

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