CDN Picks For Most-Desired Celebrity Travel Companion Are A Snooze

Open Jaw

How boring are we? In a survey in which Canadians were asked which celebrities they would most want to vacation with, the winners were Jennifer Aniston and Tom Hanks. What year is this anyway?

Aniston took the top spot with 24% percent of the vote, narrowly beating out Ellen DeGeneres' 23%. Next in line were Celine Dion (Good Lord!) at 16%, Angelina Jolie at 15%, and Rachel McAdams (who?) at 13%.

On the male side of things, Travel + Leisure reports that “things get kind of weird.” Tom Hanks topped the list at 29% of the vote, ahead of the suave George Clooney's 19%. Velvet-voiced Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt tied at third with 17%, and Leonardo DiCaprio got 16%. Yeesh, where’s Drake? Where’s The Weeknd for the party girls?

In terms of where they would like to go with their celebrity companions, the Edmonton Sun reports Canadians picked New York City at 24%, followed by Paris at 21%, London at 20%, the Caribbean at 18% and Dubai at 18%.

Just 21% of Canadian admitted they would spend the trip taking constant selfies with Jen and Tom. Travel + Leisure says that means 79% of Canadians are liars. 

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