Agent Completes Bookings With Contractions 5 Minutes Apart

Open Jaw

For many home-based travel agents, the job is a labour of love.

For Liverpool’s home-based agent Toni Linney, it’s a bit more literal.

The 27-year-old, who runs Not Just Travel Northwest in Liverpool with partner Ben Rood, made two bookings worth nearly $15,000 from her hospital bed – as she went into labour with her first child.

“My waters hadn’t broken but I was having contractions every five minutes. “The work was a distraction from the pain. I don’t suppose many people would do it but I would not have coped in bed all day doing nothing,” Linney said.

The agent worked on two requests she received on the morning she went into Liverpool Women’s Hospital.

“My laptop goes everywhere with me. We try to respond as quickly as possible and like to get quotes out in half an hour,” she said.

Both bookings were completed and paid for by the following afternoon – just hours ahead of the birth of Florence Evelyn Rood at 11.23pm, weighing 7lb 11oz, after more than 30 hours of labour.

Within days, Linney was back to work. “I can still look after Florence and I’m not missing out on time with her as I’m at home.”

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