All Together Now – Let’s Sue An Airline!

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Last week we told you the story of the brain surgeon who is suing OS after getting his pinkie finger stuck in his business class tray table, which he was forced to fold and stow himself (the horror!) after a flight attendant failed to do the job.

We’ve got two more lawsuits to tell you about today.

The first concerns an Australian woman who claims to have become dehydrated on a long-haul flight and says Emirates crew refused to give her a glass of water. (Because that’s how you get to be a 5-Star airline, by turning down pleas for water.)

The woman says she was flying EK from MEL to DXB when she grew very thirsty. She says a flight attendant told her food and refreshments would be served in a couple of hours.

The woman says she then felt unwell and made her way to the bathroom, where she fainted and injured her right ankle. According to the court claim, she required surgery on two occasions and was left with permanent injury.

The woman is seeking damages, interest and costs.

And in the latest lawsuit to be mounted by passengers against airlines, a Sydney family is reportedly suing Qantas for AUD 200,000 after their two-year-old boy had his little finger “crushed and mutilated” when an in-flight entertainment system allegedly fell on his hand.

Cameron Dela Cruz’s little finger was badly cut in flight, according to Sydney’s Sunday Telegraph, which ran a gory picture of the injured digit.

The incident happened in the economy cabin of a Qantas A330 on 14JAN during a flight from MAN to SYD. The paper reported that although medical assistance was provided during the flight (by a surgeon passenger no less) the family’s request for the plane to return to MAN to go to hospital was refused.

The boy’s mother said the incident occurred about 90 minutes into the flight and was “very stressful, very traumatic.”

She said the entertainment unit kept falling down and on the final occasion it fell on the child’s hand, cutting his finger severely.

The family says the boy had to take Panadol (acetaminophen) for the remaining six hours of the flight.

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