BA To Baggage Handlers – Quit Peeing In The Cargo Holds

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British Airways baggage handlers have reportedly been told to stop urinating in the cargo hold of planes, as the corrosive liquid is damaging the metal.

Some workers were allegedly relieving themselves in the hold because they didn’t want to walk all the way back to the terminal when nature called.

UK newspaper The Sun reports that staff were warned that they should stop the practice after engineers discovered flaking metalwork.

Urine is corrosive to aluminium, the metal used to construct 747s.

There is no suggestion that planes were put in danger by people urinating, but the warning was reportedly given to prevent any future damage to the fuselage.

In 2004, a bridge in Indonesia became unstable and was in danger of collapse due to the frequency of people peeing on the steel pillars holding it up.

A BA source told the Sun: ‘It can be a real trek back to the toilet facilities at the staff centre and when you have to go you have to go.

“Eventually it emerged urine is quite corrosive and there were some issues with some of the Boeing 747s.”

A spokesman for the airline told the paper that they had no record of any such warning being given.

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