SRO: PK B777 Takes Off With 7 Pax Standing In The Aisle

Open Jaw

The BBC has reported that a Pakistan International Airlines B777 aircraft took off on an international flight with seven people standing in the aisle. Why? Because there were more pax than seats.

There were 416 passengers on the flight, but the plane only has a seating capacity of 409. According to reports, extra passengers were allowed aboard despite all seats being filled. Ground staff wrote out extra boarding passes by hand.

Details of the flight emerged after extensive investigations by Dawn newspaper, the BBC reported. The paper quoted flight captain Anwer Adil insisting that he was not aware the extra passengers were aboard until after take-off.

A PK spokesman told the BBC the matter was being investigated and appropriate action would be taken, though it was not possible to say when.

In December, a PK ATR-42 crashed in northern Pakistan killing all 48 people aboard. Shortly afterwards, footage circulated of PK ground staff beheading a black goat next to another ATR-42 aircraft with the aim of bringing good luck. If an airline is unable to match up the number of pax to the number of seats, more than luck is needed.

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