Uh-Uh -- Turbulence-Tossed Pax Refuse To Reboard Flight After Diversion

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Terrified pax refused to re-board a Ryanair flight that was forced to divert after flying through wind-driven turbulence so strong that many passengers became violently ill. 

The FR B737 hit the turbulence toward the end of its journey from MAD to DUB, the Irish Mirror reported. The bumpy air was created by the howling winds of Storm Ewan, one of several nasty weather events slamming Europe in recent days.

Blasted by the 100kmh winds that swept across Ireland, the plane couldn’t land at DUB as scheduled. After an attempt to land, the pilot diverted to nearby SNN. But the aircraft encountered intense turbulence on the way, with “people vomiting and absolutely terrified,” a passenger told the Irish Mirror.

Passengers said that once on the tarmac at SNN, cabin crew would initially not allow disembarkation, despite parents shouting that they wanted to take their children off the plane.

Pax were given a choice: get off the plane in SNN and wait a long time for the next flight, or brave the onward flight back to DUB.

Between 20 and 25 people were so frightened they refused to get back on the plane, one mother told the paper. They stayed behind at the airport while the more intrepid remained aboard and continued to DUB.

“This flight from Madrid to Dublin diverted to Shannon due to high winds at Dublin Airport,” an FR spokesperson told the Irish Mirror.

“The aircraft landed normally and a number of customers requested to disembark, and did so, before the aircraft departed to Dublin. Ryanair apologized to all customers affected by the weather diversion, which was entirely beyond our control.”

The tempest came hard on the heels of Storm Doris, which produced some very rough landings, as illustrated in the video clips in this story from eGlobal Travel Media.

Here’s another scary clip, this one from the most recent storm.

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