AI Claims Record For Round-The World Flight With All-Female Crew

Open Jaw

Air India believes it has set a world record by flying around the world with an all-female crew.

Press Trust of India reported Sunday that the flight flew over the Pacific Ocean from New Delhi to San Francisco last Monday, and then flew back to New Delhi over the Atlantic on Friday.

As well as the all-female cockpit and cabin crew, the other staff involved in the flight -- including check-in personnel, other ground staff and the air traffic controllers -- were all women.

According to the news report, AI has applied to Guinness World Records to be recognized for the feat.

The flight was part of celebrations for International Women's Day, coming WED 8MAR.

It’s also a bit of a PR boost for Air India, which made headlines last year when it grounded 130 ‘overweight’ flight attendants.

Just recently, some Aeroflot flight attendants alleged that up to 400 “old, fat and ugly” flight attendants had been relegated to domestic flights, while higher-paying and more glamorous international flights were being reserved for the “young and thin.” One attendant claimed that women were being “weighed like cows.”

One step forward, one step back – that’s why there’s still an International Women’s Day. 

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