Night Without A Woman – Lady Liberty Goes Dark

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The lights around the Statue of Liberty went dark at around 10 pm last night, setting Twitter immediately ablaze with irony.

It turned out that the world’s most famous giant green lady went dark due to repair work from damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. According to a statement from the National Park Service, it was a "temporary, unplanned outage."

But no matter the cause, the coincidence burned too bright for those hoping to find symbolism.

The official Twitter account for the Women's March seized the opportunity and tweeted: "Thank you Lady Liberty for standing with the resistance and going dark for #DayWithoutAWoman.

That group is promoting a strike scheduled for today’s International Women's Day celebration and protest.

It’s an action meant to recognize "the enormous value that women of all backgrounds add to our socioeconomic system, while receiving lower wages and experiencing greater inequities, vulnerability to discrimination, sexual harassment and job insecurity," according to the Women's March website.

There were plenty of pithy comments on social media:

“Power failure or social commentary?” one person wrote on Twitter.

One woman tweeted: “Apparently the Statue of Liberty lights went out due to a power failure. But I would argue women are also protesting due to a power failure.”

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