Wikileaks Reveals CIA Staffers Don’t Like Flying UA

Open Jaw

Among the mess of documents released by Wikileaks this week are thousands of pages it claims are from the Central Intelligence Agency’s cyber intelligence unit.

One of those documents was a travel guide for agents headed to a Frankfurt base. Among the helpful hints was a comparison of flying on a German carrier versus a U.S. airline.

“Flying Lufthansa: Booze is free so enjoy (within reason)! Flying United: My condolences, but at least you are earning a United leg towards a status increase.”

The airline was ranked 68th in the world in the 2016 Skytrax World Airline Awards. And like its competitor AA, UA has recently launched a new flying class that offers even less than economy.

Before leaving Frankfurt, the CIA document also advises: “Buy something in Duty Free, because you’re awesome and you deserve it! (Might I recommend a travellers’ edition single malt whisky?”) That will certainly help any American spy get through the long United flight back home.”

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