Flight Diverted Due To Rage Over $12 Blanket

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The blanket.

Doing the perp walk.

An outraged passenger caused a plane to be diverted -- all over a $12 blanket fee.

The incident began shortly after a HNL-bound HA flight left LAS one day last week. A 66-year-old man complained of being cold and asked for a blanket. When he learned it would cost him US$12, he was outraged and demanded to talk to the airline's corporate office.

During the in-flight call he placed, he allegedly threatened to "take someone behind the woodshed," an LA Airport Police representative told the Los Angeles Times.

Though officials say no "credible threat" was made, the flight crew's discomfort led them to alert the captain.

"Our crew felt it was necessary to divert to LAX and deplane the passenger before beginning to fly over the Pacific Ocean," says the airline in a statement.

The man was not charged with any offense and boarded another flight.

The $12 blanket fee provoked protests on Twitter, with one man tweeting he'll put Hawaiian Airlines "atop my 'no fly' list." The pricey blanket has drawn criticism in the past from cold customers like this one.

Before landing at LAX, the plane was forced to dump fuel, adding to the unnecessary expense and bother.

It’s hard to judge without being there, but it’s safe to say this incident could have had any number of better outcomes, including a fellow pax or crew member lending the man a sweater or even ponying up the $12 to avoid an unnecessary delay to the commencement of a Hawaiian vacation. 

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