Pax “Going Hungry” Despite BA Short-Haul Switch To Buy-Onboard

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You’d think that when in-flight food becomes a profit centre, there would be enough to go around. But BA appears to be having problems with its onboard catering two months after ditching free meal service and switching to buy-onboard Marks &Spencer snacks on short-haul flights from LON.

Pax have taken to social media to complain that the carrier has run out of food on several flights, causing them to go hungry, in a first-world sense.

One passenger on a flight from Gatwick to the Canary Islands said crew only had enough meals for half the passengers, so the others were only offered bags of crisps and nuts.

Another reported that on an evening flight from GVA said the airline ran out of food “almost instantly.”

And according to a report in the Daily Mail, a BA flight to LON from INN had only three sandwiches for 110 passengers.

BA ended its free meal service for short-haul economy passengers on flights from LHR and LGW on 11JAN, when it began selling M&S meals onboard instead.

The carrier will switch to the M&S service on flights from STN and LCY this summer.

A BA spokesperson said: "Customers are telling us that they really appreciate the choice and quality of the M&S range available, and they have already bought hundreds of thousands of items, including 39,000 bacon rolls and 14,000 bottles of prosecco since they were introduced in January.

Mmmm, bacon rolls.

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