Comedian Not Laughing When She Finds Poop In An Airline Blanket

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Here at OJ we’re not big fans of ‘pigs in a blanket,’ or as Germans call the snack, Würstchen im Schlafrock, or ‘sausages in a dressing gown.’ But if the alternative is ‘poop in an airline blanket,’ we’re all in for the greasy, pastry-wrapped fat bomb.

An explanation is required.  American comedian Nicole Byer was on a Delta flight when she unwrapped an airline blanket, neatly folded and wrapped in plastic.

The blanket is said to have contained human faeces, or, to put it more baldly, a turd. This comedian wasn’t laughing.

Byer (of course), took a photo of the offensive item and tweeted it. We won’t second the motion, because it’s a nasty picture and, well, you probably know what a turd looks like.

Byer wrote: “Dear @Delta the grossest thing happened on my flight. I opened my blanket & there was a literal piece of s***. How does that happen?”

Making matters worse, Byer claims the unsavoury blanket came out of a plastic wrapper, meaning the blanket had been folded, including the turd, and placed back in the wrapper.

That’s where the disturbing question arises. As Byer tweeted: “I mean what a gross customer to s*** in a blanket… but truly how did an employee just fold it up and put it in a bag?”

Byer said the incident had left her emotionally scarred. To make this absolutely clear, she tweeted again, this time in capitals: THERE WAS S*** IN MY BLANKET!”

Delta is probing the matter, according to the London Sun. The newspaper reports that Byer later tweeted that the airline had apologized and refunded her ticket as well as giving her 50,000 free air miles and vouchers. If we may be so bold, there’s nothing crappy about the compensation.

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